Elevate Your Glassware

Wine glasses with a notch that adds air as your swirl.

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Why Taste of Purple
Wine Glasses & Stemware?

Our unique features offer extraordinary benefits over traditional glassware.

Taste of Purple manufactures the highest-quality wine glasses and stemware. Hand-crafted crystal glass that's thin and light weight - perfect for at home or on the go. Our unique feature is the aeration notch on the side of every glass. This exclusive patented notch helps aerate wine and spirits as you swirl the glass, eliminating the need for an aeration device.

Wine Glasses Anywhere

Light weight crystal that brings airy fun to any occasion.


Francia T

I am super happy with my O2 Wine Glasses - stemless makes them a wine night must!

Scott W

Taste of Purple glassware is really stylish! Enjoying using The Decanter at parties.

Casey H

The notch in the glass is so cool; I do notice a difference when using these.

Easy, Simple, Airy Fun

Aerating wine is no longer jsut for the pros!

Why Aerate Wine?

Aerating wine allows you to taste all the intricate flavors and aromas a wine offers.

The aerating process is often referred to as "opening up" the wine to experience its bouquet. Traditional methods of aerating wine are decanters and handheld tools. Taste of Purple glasses have a scientifically researched notch placed in the glass that allows the wine to aerate naturally as you drink and swirl - making wine aeration easy. Say goodbye to complicated and messy tools!

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