Taste of Purple Decanter Review and Discount

July 8, 2015

Taste of Purple Decanter Review & Discount

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I’m a huge fan of Taste of Purple and their glassware products. In this brief Taste of Purple decanter review, I want to tell you about a unique decanter that is incredibly effective.



The Taste of Purple Decanter is Elegant, Durable and Effective

Not only is the Taste of Purple decanter good looking, it’s designed in such a way as to completely aerate your wine by spreading it out over a wide surface area.  It’s also made of thick sturdy glass.  Everything from the stem, the base and the walls of the decanter are durable.  You can easily fit either a magnum or two  750mL bottles of wine in this aerating unit.  Once the wine is inside, the thick stem allows you to grasp the piece with ease and swirl a bottle of wine (or more) for optimal aeration.


Aside from the decanter, Taste of Purple offers a variety of glassware products that are both elegant and practical. The VinO2 Wine Glass is the only wine glass I use, and aerates wine as you sip. Check out our review of their other products here, or use code WINEDERLUST onTasteofpurple.com at checkout for a 10% discount.

After you’re done swirling, let the wine settle along the bottom of the decanter.  The perfectly flat bottom allows for perfect distribution of liquid.  This allows for air to become exposed to the thin and elongated layer of wine.  Thus, your wine is breathing within seconds.  The opening is also large enough that fresh air is constantly circulating.  This piece of glass will also catch any residual sediment as you pour the wine through the beveled spout.

If you’re interested in the Taste of Purple decanter, they are currently offering Winederlusting readers a 10% discount on ALL glassware products across their website.  Just click here and use code WINEDERLUST at checkout.



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