Our Story

Late one summer while traveling through the beautiful hilltop villages of Tuscany we stumbled upon a tiny eight table ristorante! Not sure we could ever find that little place again. It was magical.

We sat down and ordered a bottle of wine and we had no idea that what was about to happen would change our lives and legacy forever.

Our waiter came over and said No! First you “Hava to breaka the wina”.

We looked at him with wide eyes as he placed his hand over our glass and shook the wine vigorously! (Hey, it's Italy! They can do whatever they want there!)

We tasted the wine along with the waiter and shared food and laughs and moments we will hold close to our hearts forever.

We kept replaying the events of that night in our minds and sharing that story with friends. The concept and importance of aeration had never been so clear in mind!

And so our little famiglia embarked on the journey that is now called Taste of Purple. A revolutionary glass that helps you to “breaka the wina”.

Italy has a way of becoming part of you. Becoming part of your story. After all- that’s all we are in the end… just stories.  

And this is ours. Join us- won't you?