Bourbon Ice Cream Float Recipe to Die For

Bourbon Ice Cream Float Recipe to Die For

Just because you’re cooped up at home more often doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself delicious desserts. We have a recipe you’ll crave again and again!

Recent surveys have found food behaviors shifting a lot during the pandemic, such as increases in frozen food purchasing. While these habits are incredibly convenient, they can sometimes pave the way for disappointment. If you’re one of many that misses going out to restaurants and eating delectable meals, keep reading.

We have a fantastic bourbon ice cream float recipe to die for. Not only is it packed with flavor, it’s easy to make and even easier to enjoy!

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Fun Facts About Ice Cream Float History

Let’s take a brief look at the history of the ice cream float! This classic American dessert is an icon of restaurants, cafes, and bars across the country.

This dessert was first introduced in the late 1800’s by Robert McCay Green. The recipes for ice cream floats were often straightforward back then: just a dash of club soda with your ice cream of choice. These recipes have since been improved, remixed, and refined over the years.

Adding a dash of bourbon brings out a smoky contrast to your sweet or savory ice cream. Plain bourbon is best if you want to have full control of your flavor, though you can always try flavored varieties. Brown sugar bourbon is a popular choice for people with a sweet tooth and drinkers who want to reduce the alcoholic tang.

The Best Glasses for Ice Cream Floats

Ice cream floats are a little more unwieldy than their traditional counterparts. You need a glass that has a broad base to fill up with ingredients and a relatively wide opening for scooping.

Unique wine glasses bring out the best in a specific occasion: sometimes a one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply! Our Chichetto snifter is our go-to option for a bourbon-based ice cream float. Generally designed for straight whisky, this glass is highly flexible for sipping or dessert. The wide base makes it easy to carry, while the larger opening means you can sip and scoop.

If you’re worried about eating too much dessert, never fear. The smaller size ensures you won’t go overboard with the portion size.

Step #1: Choose Your Ice Cream

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the ice cream float is choosing your ice cream! While you can technically select any of your favorites, some flavors are more suited to bourbon.

Simple Flavors

Vanilla bean is a classic staple that pairs nicely with bourbon, adding a sweet aftertaste that isn’t overpowering. If you crave a little more flavor, consider praline or buttered pecan. 

Fruit-Based Flavors

The best fruit-based ice cream for bourbon is either strawberry or cherry. Complex sorbets with several flavors are often too cluttered on a taste level and will fail to give you the blend of flavors you’re seeking.

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Step #2: Choose Your Carbonated Beverage

What makes ice cream floats so enjoyable is the fizzy, creamy texture. This is achieved with a carbonated beverage, which you can also customize alongside your ice cream.

Club soda is the default option because it doesn’t alter the flavor of your bourbon or ice cream. If you want a little extra kick, consider adding Sprite or ginger ale. 

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Step #3: Freeze Your Glass

You don’t want your ice cream float to fade away before you can enjoy it, right? Chilling your glass will keep your dessert cool and in-tact for your enjoyment.

Chill your Chichetto snifter for at least ten to fifteen minutes before adding your ice cream. Be careful when picking it up, as it can become slippery on the outside from condensation.

A classy wine glass brings out the best side of any vintage. We provide plenty of stemware and barware for you to choose from, including stemless varieties for your casual nights.

Step #4: Pour Your Ingredients One-By-One

Now to mix in all the goodness! Make sure to do this in the proper order so you can achieve the classic ice cream float texture.

Plop in two or three scoops of ice cream first. You’ll only need half a cup of your carbonated beverage of choice and a mere two tablespoons of your bourbon. Your goal isn’t to overwhelm any one flavor, but blend them together seamlessly.

Step #5: Kick Back and Enjoy!

It’s time to kick back and enjoy your bourbon ice cream float!

Eat your ice cream float as quickly as you can. The carbonation will only last so long, so make this recipe immediately before your event of choice.

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Final Thoughts on Bourbon and Ice Cream

Creating your own dessert recipes at home is a therapeutic moment. You get to enjoy all the fun of dessert without the larger price tag that comes with eating out.

Bourbon ice cream float recipes are classic, simple, and filled with customizable potential. Vanilla, praline, and buttered pecan are the most common choices for ice cream. You can also try strawberry or cherry ice cream if you crave a fruity flavor. Your carbonated drink can range from simple club soda to Sprite or ginger ale.

Craving more alcohol-based desserts and treats? Contact us today to start upgrading your stemware, firmware, and accessories for your next movie night extravaganzas.

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