Nothing compliments a good brandy, cognac, whiskey, etc. like the proper stemware. 
Experience new flavors and aromas with our patented notch that aerates with each swirl. 

High-Quality Crystal Wine Glasses with an Aeration Notch

Add air to your wine as you swirl. Where form meets function.

Self Aerating Wine Glasses

Our wine glasses include a patented aeration notch that helps add air to wine as you swirl and drink. Spend less time waiting for wine to open up. No need for aerators or decanters.

The Taste of Purple Difference

Nothing but the best will do when it comes to our wine glasses and your satisfaction. From hand-crafted crystal to elegant packaging - we spare no expense to bring you quality at affordable pricing.

The Science of Aeration

Wines release and disperse aromatic compounds, tannins, ethanol vapors, and more - all of which contribute to the aroma and taste. Adding air allows easier and faster release - called "opening up."

Our customers Love us

Skylr Ciolino

I had no idea adding air to wine made such a difference! Awesome.

Christian Velitchkov

The perfect gift for my girlfriend, She loves throwing wine parties.

Estephany Pagenkopp

I LOVE these wine glasses sooo much - super fast shipping too!

Wine Glasses FAQs

A self aerating wine glass means that the glass has the ability to add air directly into wine without the need for a decanter or gadget like Vinturi.

Yes! While we specifically designed our wine glasses so you don't need decanters and aeration devices - that doesn't mean you have to throw them away! Decanters especially remain an elegant addition to wine enjoyment.

Absolutely. Adding air into wine is incredibly important to the enjoyment of wine. Our glass notch helps make sure you have the ability to self aer even on those nights you don't feel like breaking out special devices.

Yes, adding air to any type of wine can help it "open up." Aerating wine however is especially important for Red wine of older vintages and higher alcohol content.

Varieties that benefit most from aeration include:
Cabernet Sauvignon
Petite Sirah

The suggested time to let wine breathe is about 1 hour once opened (uncorked). Swirling Taste of Purple self aerating wine glasses often will help increase air flow to the wine, and cut down on the time needed to let it sit.