Taste of Purple Visits Wolffer Estate

Taste of Purple Visits Wolffer Estate

The team at Taste of Purple recently hit the road and explored the wine region in the North and South Fork of Long Island. Along the way we had a lot of laughs, a lot of wine, and a little traffic! One of our absolute highlights was Wolffer Estate.

A glass of wine on a wall overlooking a Vinyard.

This winery is nothing short of breathtaking. Two flights of steps lead you to a large stone fountain that stands before the entrance. Inside the beauty continues with overhead wooden chandeliers and large windows overlooking the barrels. The real beauty, however, doesn't hit you until you reach the back patio. Rustic tables are scattered along a large open air patio that overlooks the sprawling vines. While we sat we watched horses from the local stables wander through the vines. In fact, several of the wines they produce are named after the local Clydesdales.

Our tasting host explained that Wolffer cares a lot about sustainable farming. Their pesticides are all organic and no pre-emergent pesticides are used. They also encourage local wildlife among the vines to keep the Ecosystem in tact.

Everything about Wolffer seems to be done in an honorable way. Their practices honor the land they yield from and their wines honor the legacy of those that came before them. The owner, Christian Wolffer came over from Hamburg and purchased a potato field with no knowledge of wine and a vision for the future. He teamed up with winemaker Roman Roth and created Wolffer. Since his passing, Roman honors his memory with "Christians Cuvée" a predominately Merlot blend.

Our team unanimously loved their "Summer in a Bottle" a light and crisp blend that was the brainchild of Christians Daughter. Though one of our team members preferred the Summer in a Bottle Rose. Either is definitely worth a try!

Wolffer Estate was such a peaceful and beautiful place we had a hard time leaving! Stop by their tasting room or wine stand and enjoy some live music on Fridays and Saturdays!

Is Wolffer Estates Winery Sustainable?

The estate owners are following their father's vision and preserving this piece of the incredible bountiful land. 

The grapes from the estate have been certified as sustainable by Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing, an independent, third-party certified sustainable viticulture program tailored to the unique needs of the local region. They closely follow over 200 farming best practices to minimize the use of chemicals and fertilizers. The wine company often promotes high biological diversity and healthy soils while protecting the delicate maritime ecosystem and maintaining the highest level of quality in the fruit that makes their wine delicious.

A bottle of wine in a wooden box.

Can You Bring Dogs to Wolffer Wine Stand?

No one underestimates the therapeutic power of hanging out with your furry best friend, especially while enjoying a glass of wine. Although the company loves pets and even has "wolf" in the name, unfortunately, no dogs are permitted on the property

Due to safety and other issues, no pets at all are allowed at the winery. They can only make accommodations for highly trained service dogs licensed by the ADA. Make sure to call ahead to secure a reservation.   

Can You Book Private Events at Wolffer's?

Imagine having your dream wedding at a large stunning winery estate? Or imagine booking your memorable corporate party, birthday, or anniversary event amongst the breathtaking beauty of 55 acres of picture-perfect vineyards. The landscape truly embodies both sophistication and elegance. Wolffer Estate offers custom event packages for up to 50-175 guests, all planned with precision and perfection. They offer attention to detail and an expert service specifically personalized for you and your guests. Individuals can secure just the venue and plan and execute their next event independently.

Open throughout the four seasons, seven days a week, walk-ins are always welcome. However, you can book a reservation at the Wolffer Estate tasting room. To adequately accommodate each tasting group experience, reservations for parties up to 8 or less can visit this place for wine lovers, a place that's outside beauty pairs perfectly with its inner tranquility. Enjoy award-winning tasting wines in a gorgeous, relaxed setting and choose from a selection of small bites, including a charcuterie platter.

 A charcuterie board.

Wolffer Wine Clubs

Join the Wolffer Estate Wine Club and experience elegance with every sip. Winemaker Roman Roth expertly selects the wines sent out for club members to enjoy. Membership in a chosen wine club may include discount codes, shipping promotions, and discounted tickets to special winery events. Below are four of Wolffer's wine clubs that will wow you throughout the year. 

Make sure to have the perfect wine glasses for your wine! Shop Taste of Purple today.

The Grand Prix

The Grand Prix club is a unique exclusive level of the Wolffer Wine Club. Sophistication at its finest is delivered right to your door. This club is definitely meant for the most discerning of wine connoisseurs. Wolffer Estate often has exclusive wines held for Wine Club members only. Made from their vineyard in small batches, you can be the first to savor the finest of various wines. 

Being a member of such an exclusive club means you also should have the best glassware. Utilizing a decanter is so much more reliable than traditional methods of aeration. Taste of Purple's The Decanter is a unique patented fluted glass that naturally helps aerate fine wine as you swirl the decanter lightly. When you have a sophisticated wine, you need a sophisticated way to pour it and share it with your friends. 

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Premier Cru Club

The Premier Cru Club from Wolffer's Estate is crafted for red wine enthusiasts. This club is very popular and features quarterly shipments of their acclaimed White Horse Label and library wines.

Wollffer Estates's gold label wine, Classic Red 2019, is dark, rich, and something you can enjoy anytime. However, leave your bottle in the cellar for a few years, and it will get better with age—pair red wines with savory pasta dishes, steak, game, or lamb. Speaking of better with age, pairing red wines with intensely flavored rich cheeses is the start of a perfect evening at the vineyard.

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Gapes hanging on a vine.

Rose Club

Rose lovers worldwide love the flavor of these "pink" wines. Not quite a red, not quite a white wine. Roses should be complex yet balanced and loaded with flavor and fruit, complementing the wine's natural acidity. You can pair a wine like Wolffer Estate Rose with pretty much anything, especially soft cheeses like brie. It shines in the light with a bright, copper color with the aromas of crisp apples and light notes of fruits and lilac. 

This club will help you never run out of Rose wines, which you can enjoy with anything at any time of year. Try Summer in a Bottle Rose Cotes De Provence produced by Wolffer Winery, this type of bright, fruity wine is best enjoyed from a stemmed glass like Taste of Purples' Piccolo2. The Piccolo2 has a smart design that allows the bowl to agitate the wine as it is swirled around. This stemware perfectly matches a light white wine or fresh summer aromatic rose. 

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The Hunt Club

This Wine Club is suitable for everyone. Whether you are a wine tasting expert, an interested newbie, or a lover of all things wine, this might be your winner. Wolffer Estate has a variety of beautiful bottles to choose from; whites, red, and rose. Delicious ciders and spirits and even have non-alcoholic tasting wines available. The Hunt Club wine subscription is so popular because there is a wine for everyone, and even better if you like a surprise four times a year. 

Spring in a Bottle is a low-calorie, dry rose sparkling wine which is perfect for a day in the garden. Try the Wine Mermaid glass from Taste of Purple, perfect for reading by the poolside. They use a quality crystal for durability, and each one is perfectly finished. 

For all of your wine-tasting needs, shop Taste of Purple today.

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