Buying a Case of Wine [Ultimate Buyer's Guide]

Buying a Case of Wine [Ultimate Buyer's Guide]

Many people enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, but that’s not enough for wine lovers. They crave variety. Furthermore, they buy cases! If you’ve ever wanted to buy more than a bottle at a time, cases might be for you. Yet, you might have a lot of questions when it comes to buying an entire case of wine. 

The following guide is here to clear all of that up and help you pick the best cases of wine for your liking. 

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How Many Bottles of Wine Are in A Case?

Not every bottle of wine is the same size. However, most standard cases in North America contain twelve bottles. Because each bottle is often 750 ml, a typical case has a grand total of nine liters of wine

When it comes to specialty bottles, they are often sold as different-sized cases. In comparison, high-end wine is sold in smaller cases. These quality wines come in a six-bottle count. 

Furthermore, buying in bulk often leads to discounts on the selected bottles. Who doesn’t want to save a little money on their favorite drink? Many retailers also have their own in-store deals and will commonly give you an extra discount for picking up an entire case. Some online shops even offer free shipping if you order a case. 

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Enhancing the Flavor of Wine

Each wine is served best at a specific temperature. Make sure that you serve your wine at the right temperature for the best flavor. 

Allow your wine to breathe. If you have a decanter, pour your wine into it before drinking and let it rest for a little while before you drink it. 

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How to Build The Perfect Mixed Case

Making the perfect mixed case of wine could vary depending on what types of wine you usually drink. However, budget, availability, and what the store has in stock. Or, if you have an upcoming occasion or event, you may wish to select different flavors. 

Why Are You Buying Wine?

  • Having a catch-all case on hand is perfect for those who enjoy drinking wine on a regular occasion. Or if you enjoy specific wine paired with dinners
  • Having a variety of different wines could be helpful for upcoming barbecues or other events
  • Do something fun with them, like have friends over and have a blind tasting
  • Furthermore, it can be a great idea to get a case of wine to try new and unusual favorites

The Perfect Starter Case:

  • Two sparkling wines. Cremant de Loire, Burgundy, Jura, Alsace, Champagne, Blanquette de Limoux, or Prosecco.
  • Five whites. Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, or Riesling.
  • Five reds. Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah (Shiraz), Zinfandel, of Sangiovese.

Customize Your Case

Now that you have the basics down of putting together the perfect starter case, you can then move into making it more to your taste. There are plenty of options.  

For example, if you prefer rose options rather than white wine, you can easily swap out two of the white wines to add some of your favorite rose. You can often do the same with the other types as well. If possible, make sure you swap out one for a nice port! They are perfect for dessert. 

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How Much is a Case of Wine?

Many factors go into the price of a case of wine. This can be things like store discounts, types of wine, upcharges on specific types of wine. However, there are some fast truths to buying a case of wine. At the very least, you should expect to spend around one hundred dollars

Granted, that would be on the low end of the wine world, and that would put each bottle at a price of less than ten bucks. 

Another easy way to estimate the cost of a case of wine is to take the price of a bottle and multiply it by twelve. That doesn’t include any discounts that the store offers, so don’t be afraid to get a better wine when you are buying an entire case of bottles. 

Around $150

For a good quality, wine you should expect to pay an average price of fifteen dollars per bottle. However, mixing a few ten-dollar wines would allow you to spring for a higher-priced wine.  

Pro Tip: Choose wines that come from lesser-known regions. Often times they are much more affordable and offer a great value. 

Around $200

With the average bottle price of twenty dollars, you can get some great quality wines. Mix some classics such as Rioja or Chablis with some less expensive regional ones like Finger Lakes or Lorie Valley. This is the perfect price range for a bottle of great quality wine at a value. 

$300 and above. 

With an average price per bottle of thirty dollars, this can be the perfect case for those who like their wine from big-name regions. You’ll often find wines from Napa or Bordeaux within these higher-priced cases 

As you go higher in the priceper bottle, a case of wine can easily reach upwards of five hundred dollars. However, with the bottles of wine being an average price of fifty bucks, you’ll be treated to some high-quality wines. Champagne, Barolo, or Burgundy. Furthermore, you could swap some of these out and sub in a bottle of lovely vintage champagne. After all, you should treat yourself. 

Pro-Tip: Swapping out some bottles for lower price point bottles allows you to add in a higher-priced wine without raising the total. Perfect for trying new things if you have a special occasion coming up and want to splurge.


Making friends at your local wine shop might be the best thing you ever do. They can not only help you find new wine, but they can also suggest things. If you are new to getting a case of wine, many shops will help you assemble one. Just let the shop clerk know your budget and preferences. 

Buying wine by the case is the perfect way to explore new flavors, all while enjoying a little discount on your favorite drink. Cheers!

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