How To Drink Wine Properly (Steps & Tips Included)

How To Drink Wine Properly (Steps & Tips Included)

Whether you’re new to the wine scene or you’ve been enjoying it for many years, there are still new things to learn. There’s always a new type to explore from a previously untapped region, a different storage method to try, etc. There’s even a proper way to taste your wine to get the most out of every mouthful. This article will show you how to drink wine like an expert and give you some great trivia to share!

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Step 1: Pick Your Wine

Everyone’s taste buds are different, so this will be a personal choice. If you’re already set on your wine choice, feel free to skip to the next step! Here are some of the variations of wine and how to find one you’re more likely to love: 

Dry vs. Sweet 

Some wine lovers only drink dry wines while others only like sweeter drinks, but most people fall somewhere between. Dryness refers to the residual sugars that are in the finished product. If a wine has a 0% sweet on the sweetness scale (above), there are zero residual sugars in it. Wine on the opposite end of the scale will taste extremely sweet - think fruit juice! 

Some people prefer to switch up the dryness of their wine based on their mood or the occasion. For example, dry wines are typically served before or during dinner at a formal event, while sweet wines are usually served with dessert or cheese. 

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Step 2: Think About Temperature

There are a lot of “strict” rules floating around the wine world on the perfect temperatures for wine. The truth is, it’s all a matter of preference. While it’s true that temperature affects the taste of wine, it’s up to you to decide what you prefer. Remember that it’s okay to go your own way, even if the wine experts recommend the opposite of what you’re doing!

Keeping that in mind, here is what the professionals have to say about ideal temperatures for each wine type, so you can try these techniques and decide for yourself:

  • Most white wine, rosé, or sparkling wine: 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Most red wine: 60-65 degrees 
  • Heavy white wine or lighter reds: 55-60 degrees

Experts say that when you drink wine at its optimal temperature, you bring out its full flavor and characteristic texture.

Step 3: Choose Your Glass

Believe it or not, using special glasses for different styles of wine can change the whole tasting experience. Take a look at these suggestions for glasses based on what you’re drinking.

White Wine

There are several glasses for white wine, but they all tend to be U-shaped and more upright. This is supposed to bring out the aroma of the wine and maintain the chilled temperature effectively.

Red Wine

Red wine glasses are generally bigger, with a wide mouth and a larger bowl. The large opening allows your nose to dip into the glass to zero in on the aroma. The shape also increases the rate of oxidation, which rounds out the complex flavors.


There are two main shapes associated with rose wine glasses. If you’re drinking a young, crisp rosé, the flared glass lets you direct the wine to the tip of the tongue, where taste buds can better detect sweetness. A mature, full-bodied rosé uses a similar vessel to red wine, as the characteristics of the wine are similar.


Most people are familiar with the classic tall, narrow glasses that are commonly used for champagne and other sparkling wines. The shape of the glass helps to make the carbonation and flavor last longer. 

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Step 4: Inspect the Bottle

Before you pop the cork, inspect it - is it bulging? If so, there’s a chance that it was damaged by heat or not sealed properly. Both factors can negatively impact the taste of the wine.

Once you open the bottle, check the other end of the cork (the end that was inside the bottle). If the cork totally soaked up wine (as opposed to having slight wine marks on it) and falls apart when you opened it, the bottle may have gone bad during storage. If the bottle has a screw-top, you won’t have to worry about oxygen loss from storage issues. 

Trust your nose, too - if the wine smells too vinegary or just plain “off,” you may not want to drink it

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Step 5: Swirl it Around

You’ve probably seen TV shows and movies where a character dramatically swirls their wine around before drinking it. It’s not just for theatrics! Gently swirling your glass before drinking it aerates the wine and brings out the depth of aromas present.

For best results, make sure not to fill your glass too much. This will strangle the flavors and could cause you to spill while swirling. 

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Step 6: Drink Up!

This is the fun part. Sip it slowly and mindfully if you want to truly experience the flavor and distinguish all of its unique elements. Think about each quality - sweetness, acidity, and fullness, to name a few. And most of all, enjoy it! 

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