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10 Best Trader Joe’s Wines to Buy Right Now

When it comes to wine, a lot of people are turning to those options from Trader Joe's. Once thought of as a "cheap" option, these wines are pretty delicious and stand up to some of the most pricier ones on the market. If you have heard about the craze of Trader Joe's wine, here is your chance to sample the 10 best options. 

Why Trader Joe's Wines?

Over the past years, many people have recognized Trader Joe's for its incredible selection of wine. You will see an entire section of floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with wine bottles when you enter the store. Some labels are nationally-known brands, while others are private-branded through Trader Joe's. The selection of wines is impressive, each organized by variety and country. Additionally, these wines will not break your budget, so you can easily try wines from all over the world. You will want to pour these wines into your favorite glasses

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#1 - Pure Bred Cabernet Sauvignon

If you love a good cabernet, you will want to grab a bottle of this wine. Many people have dubbed this wine "the best" option at Trader Joe's. It has lovely fruit notes without tasting too sweet. You can serve this cabernet with chicken or beef dishes, making your guests think you spend a ton of money on this wine. This wine does have a 14% alcohol by volume content, so be aware it can pack a punch. 

#2 - Wölffer Estate Chardonnay

The Wölffer Estate Vineyard is located in the Hamptons, the epicenter of class and elegance. This super-crisp chardonnay is sure to be a pleaser at your next party. It has a well-balanced taste, giving it a tremendous medium-bodied flavor. After the first sip, it will be hard to put down this wine. The bottle has gold embossing, adding even more elegance to your dinner table. 

#3 - Honey Moon Viognier

Don't think you must be on your honeymoon to enjoy this Trader Joe's wine. This type of wine has a low-acidic, medium-bodied flavor. You will notice the notes of honey, apricot, and melon with one sip. This wine is an excellent choice, especially for those who don't like dry wines or super sweet varieties. 

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#4 - Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Dry Riesling

This wine is the signature varietal from the Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard. This aromatic wine does pack a punch, and you will definitely taste the peach and citrus flavors in the wine. The dry riesling also has a pleasant aromatic scent, so you will smell the notes in your wine glassware before tasting them.

these wines are great for any occasion

#5 - McBride Sisters Collection Black Girl Magic Red Blend

This wine might be more expensive than other Trader Joe's options, but it is worth it. The red blend combines several flavors, including dark fruits, pepper, and chocolate. It is a smooth blend that you will want to enjoy every night. 

#6 - Cantina Zaccagnini Pinot Grigio

This pinot grigio could be a great everyday table wine. It pairs well with any dish. When you take the first sip, you might think it has an overpowering green apple flavor, but there are plenty of citric, earthy minerals, and pear notes. You need to keep several of these bottles for the summertime. 

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#7 - Trader Joe's Blanc de Blancs Brut

Sometimes, you want chilled and bubbly champagne. This sparkling wine contains everything on your wishlist. It is budget-friendly, tastes delicious, and adds a perfect fizz to any homemade cocktail drink. You will get plenty of floral and fruit notes with this brut. This one might become a staple in your wine collection

#8 - Melini Terrarossa Chianti Classico

Open up a bottle of this wine when you don't have the budget to take a trip to the Tuscan countryside. This chianti is made from Sangiovese grapes, which are famous for their plum, cherry, and strawberry flavors. It has the perfect red color that you want in red wine. This wine goes down smooth, but there will be a dry aftertaste, which means it is time for more wine. 

pair some wine with your favorite cheeses

#9 - Trader Joe's Charles Shaw Blend Merlot

At one time, this wine was known as "Two Buck Chuck." While prices have increased, you can still grab this bottle for the same cost as your favorite morning coffee. It may not look fancy, but it is a tasty variety of wines. It is dry and light with a cherry flavor. You will get just enough zing from the oak and earthy notes. Some wine connoisseurs turn away from this variety, but it is an excellent option when you want to enjoy wine that will not break your bank account. 

#10 - Dão Adega De Penalva Maceration

If you have never tried orange wine, you are in for a treat with this variety. While you might think it is made of oranges, that is not the case. It is produced from regular white grapes. In most production, the skins are removed, but this type of wine process leaves the skin. As a result, the wine has a stronger taste, and it might be more bitter than other types of white wines. For those new to these wines, you will need to take a few sips. The first will wake up your senses, while the second will give your palate a chance to detect hints of peach, grapefruit, and orange. This wine is a great option if you want something you would not ordinarily drink. 

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Add These Wines To Your Shopping List

With these top options, you can find a great wine that might quickly become your favorite. There are several wine varieties from Trader Joe's, from chiantis to pinot grigios. Over the years, this store has become an excellent place to grab a delicious bottle of wine. 

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