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6 Best Self-Aerating Wine Glasses: SO UNIQUE!

Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world. In 2020, Americans consumed over 1 billion gallons of wine

Wine makes the perfect accompaniment to a three-course meal, and it’s a great drink to sip on while socializing with friends. One of the cool things about wine is that there is a lot of science that goes into it, and there are many ways to improve your wine-drinking experience. 

One such way to make your wine-drinking experience better is to drink aerated wine, which you can do by sipping from a self-aerated glass. Read this guide to learn about the best self-aerating wine glasses

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Why Does Wine Need to Be Aerated? 

Aerating wine isn’t just something fancy wine snobs do. Anyone who wants their wine to taste better should aerate it. 

Aerating allows the wine to oxidize - in other words, it allows oxygen to infuse with the wine. This will enable the wine to “open up” and release more complex aromas and flavors. A great thing about aerators is that they can achieve the same results as decanters but in about a fraction of the time. 

With aeration, the maximum amount of air is exposed to the wine in the shortest amount of time. Certain wines can take 20 to 30 minutes to open up if they’re decanted. With an aerator, a wine can open up in a few seconds and yield the same results. 

However, it’s important to note that aerators aren’t magical devices that can make inferior wine taste amazing. They don’t change any chemicals in the wine, and they can’t improve the actual wine quality. Instead, they help elevate the great attributes of a wine that are already there. 

What Wines Should I Aerate? 

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Before you select a self-aerating wine glass, it’s important to choose the right wines to aerate. Some of the best wines to aerate are those that contain young tannins. 

Aeration will help mellow out the tannins and soften out any harsh edges in the wine. Breaking down these harsh tannins will make your wine-drinking experience more pleasant. 

Red wines are often aged, and as they age, elements in the wine, such as tannins and other chemicals, start to bind together and migrate as sediment to the bottom of the wine bottle. This typically takes place between eight to ten years of aging, although it depends on the type of wine and the storage conditions. 

The sediment can taste bitter, which is why it’s a good idea to aerate aged red wine. Some white wines can also benefit from aeration, especially those that are full-bodied, heavier, and dry. 

Best Self-Aerating Wine Glasses 

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Now that you know a bit about the aeration process, let’s talk about the best self-aerating wine glasses:

1. Taste of Purple’s Self-Aerating Wine Glasses 

Taste of Purple’s self-aerating wine glasses allows you to aerate your wine in a laidback, discreet manner. Unlike other self-aerating wine glasses that come with clunky, tacky designs, these wine glasses look sleek and sophisticated.

All you need to do is pour your wine into the glass, and Taste of Purple’s seamless aeration system will take care of the rest. The wine glasses come in sets of 2, and their stemless design makes them perfect for everything from fancy dinner parties to backyard barbecues. 

2. Sommelier Aerating Wine Glasses by Chevalier Collection 

Chevalier Collection’s self-aerating wine glasses are handblown and come with built-in aerators, making them look like two glasses in one. 

All you need to do is pour your wine into the smaller inside container and wait as it spurts through the tiny holes into the larger drinking glass. Moving the wine through multiple openings ensures that the largest surface area of wine possible comes in contact with the air, creating the best aeration experience possible. 

Chevalier’s wine glasses come in sets of 2, making them great holiday gifts or gifts for the wine lovers in your life. The glasses are also dishwasher safe, making the cleanup process super easy. Each glass can hold seven fluid ounces of wine, which is a generous serving size. 

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3. Godinger Self-Aerating Wine Glass

Godinger self-aerating wine glasses come with vertical ridges that help agitate the wine as it swirls. This increases the amount of oxygen the wine intakes, providing an overall smoother taste. 

Godinger uses thin, handblown glass that imitates the appearance of crystal, creating a classy look for your wine-sipping ventures. The vertical ridges move the wine upward quicker than you’d expect, so we suggest only keeping your glass about half full to prevent spillage. 

Each glass can hold about 16 fluid ounces of wine, so half-full will still leave you with plenty to drink! The wine glasses are sold in sets of eight, making them perfect for dinner parties or other social gatherings. 

4. Palavino Self-Aerating Wine Glass 

Palavino self-aerating wine glasses are made in a single facility in Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy, a historic wine province.  The self-aerating wine glasses have been tested and approved by Luca Martini, who was named the World’s Best Sommelier in 2013

The wine glasses are made from Luxion, which is a 100% recyclable material. The glasses contain two signature “Spaccavino” lines” that help accelerate the aeration process. Sold in pairs, these wine glasses make the perfect gift for anniversaries, Mother’s Day, or birthdays. 

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5. Sempli Cupa-Vino Clear Aerating Wine Glasses

Sempli Cupa-Vino clear self-aerating wine glasses come with a unique design created by designer ​​Daniele Semeraro. The wine glass’s elegant and simplistic design pays homage to Semeraro’s Italian and Swiss heritage. 

While the unique shape is beautiful, some may find it to be a nuisance to keep upright. However, you can purchase the glasses with Sempli Cupa’s coasters or lift trays to help keep them upright. 

The wine glasses are handblown and made from lead-free crystal to ensure the highest quality drink. 

6. Aura Glass Stemless Self-Aerating Wine Glasses 

Aura glass stemless self-aerating wine glasses come with a unique design that you can comfortably hold in your hand. Each stemless wine glass comes with a wooden coaster, so you never have to worry about your wine spilling when setting it down. 

Each glass features a stainless steel ball at the bottom that allows you to pivot your wine glass a full 360 degrees. You can quickly aerate your wine right in the glass to create a beautiful aroma and flavor. 

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As you can see, there are some great options out there for self-aerating wine glasses. Now, you just need to choose which wine glass is best for you. 

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