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5 Best Cognac Glasses for the Spirits Lover


What's the best glass for cognac? This is a question that many brandies and cognac enthusiasts often get. Glasses play a significant role in consuming alcohol. However, you'd be wrong to think that unique glasses were only meant to make the beverage look pretty. It goes far beyond that! The glass can impact the smell and taste of a drink. So whether you want to up your game with some new whiskey or impress your next guests, these are some of the best cognac glasses you may want to invest in!

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Cicchetto Snifter

If you've always wanted to look elegant while sipping away at your brandy, then the Taste of Purple has the right glass for you. The Cicchetto snifter is a one-of-a-kind glass that can completely change the way you indulge in brandy.

● Why the Glass is a Right Fit

There's something special about going back to the basics; the basics are timeless. Of course, you can't go wrong with the basics, but what about having the basics and making it better? That's what the Taste of Purple's Cicchetto snifter is all about. While it seems similar to the standard snifters on the market, the high-quality glass and curves prove that it's not like any other.

● Pros

If you're looking for the perfect glass that can finally trap the fragrant aromas inside the glass so you can savor the smells and flavors of your brandy or cognac, then this glass will be the right one for you.

● Cons

Just like most glasses, this is quite fragile, so you'll need to try and handle the glass with the utmost care. While the stem is about the average size like most balloon brandy glasses, depending on the size of your hand, the stem may be a bit too short or long.

Tulip Glass

The tulip glass is one of the more classic cognac glasses. They're relatively similar to the traditional snifter glass, but they come with some differences.

● Why the Glass is a Right Fit

The tulip glass is reminiscent of the popular tulip flower. It's a staple and considered one of the prime glassware every bar needs. The stem is taller, while the cup tends to be large but not as large as the snifter glass.

● Pros

Most (but not all) tulip glasses are dishwasher safe, thanks to how the glass is made and shaped. Due to this, they tend to be quite durable as well. While this doesn't mean you can go acting a bit careless with your glasses, you can rest assured that some clanks here and there won't break your glass. In addition, the fine rim adds an elegant finish to the classic tulip glasses.

● Cons

Tulip glasses are becoming slightly more challenging to come by. The availability is quite limited; they tend to run on the pricier side unless you can score one at your local thrift store.

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Rolling Glass

Your average glass has a flat bottom, but what makes the rolling glass so unique is that the base is rounded. This allows the glass to roll around on the table without the risk of spills!

● Why the Glass is a Right Fit

When it comes to a good glass of cognac, you most likely already know that patience needs to be accounted for. The cognac needs a bit of time to oxidize before you can dive right in and begin indulging. What makes the rolling glass so unique is the fact that it can cut the oxidizing time in half.

● Pros

The rolling glass is a unique concept that allows for you to have less waiting time while your cognac oxidizes. The fact that the glass rolls can be pretty fun, you can just roll it all around the table without worrying about any spills. Your taste buds will thank you too!

● Cons

Since rolling glasses are a newer concept when it comes to cognac glasses, you can expect there to be limited availability and maybe even have a bit of a difficult time finding one (or a set) at an affordable price.

Modern Tulip

At first glance, the modern tulip looks like a funky wine glass. It has a long stem-like wine glass, but something slightly different makes it the right fit for cognac.

● Why the Glass is a Right Fit

The modern tulip glass holds some qualities to its older counterpart. Compared to your average cognac glass, the rim is closed in compared to your average cognac glass, which helps in trapping the scent. In addition, you'll find that the glass bowl part of the glass itself is significantly smaller compared to the traditional tulip glass.

● Pros

The modern tulip glass is exquisite. It brings a nice touch of classiness; whether you're drinking alone or sipping away with some company, you'll want this glass. The long stems make it very easier to swirl your liquids and to observe the characteristics. This is something that other cognac glasses without a long stem don't have. 

● Cons

When it comes to the modern tulip glass, they can be challenging to find, especially considering that they're often marketed as a unique wine glass rather than their actual purpose, being a cognac glass.

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Bodega Glass

Essential, chic, and timeless are the three words that perfectly describe the Bodega glass. This is the perfect glass to dress up and down, no matter the occasion.

● Why the Glass is a Right Fit

Whether you want your glass to be on the rocks or not, this is the right glass that can accommodate both. Most cognac glasses don't necessarily give room for adding ice to spirits, but the bodega glass welcomes it with open arms.

● Pros

This lovely glass is perfect for those who are complete minimalists. The design of the glass itself is not much at first glance, but that's the beauty. These are multipurpose, meaning that you can drink anything from them, and it'll be deemed appropriate. These are particularly great if you're tight on storage space since they're stackable.

● Cons

While there are more than enough positives to the classic and fun Bodega glass, there can be some downsides as well. Unfortunately, these versatile glasses are incredibly fragile due to the thin glasswork. While not every bodega cup will be made from thin glass, you can count on the average one being fragile. So it's highly recommended to handle these with care.

4 bodega glasses in a row

What makes a good cognac glass?

When it comes to finding the best cognac glasses, you'll need to keep multiple things in mind. This includes what exactly you plan to drink from the glass, such as cognac or brandy, but it goes further than that as well. You'll need to keep the glass's size, shape, and material in mind. All of these can make a massive impact on your drinking experience and how your spirit will taste and smell to you.

But if you want to find the perfect glass, whether it's wine or whiskey, then Taste of Purple will be excellent for you. If you're going to elevate your glassware and truly impress yourself, then the Taste of Purple will be a massive gamechanger to you.

Whether you want to throw a party or have a glass by the fireplace, the stemware from Taste of Purple will have what you need.

Now You Now the best Cognac Glasses.

Cognac glasses may initially seem confusing to navigate, especially if you're entirely new to spirits and looking to expand your palate. But there is a lot of pleasure in hunting for the right glass. Each of these glasses will impact the flavors and smells of cognac and other spirits in their way. So while it may take some experimenting until you find the right one that suits your taste, that can also be a part of the main appeal on why it can be a lot of fun.

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