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5 Best Brandy Snifters for Every Occasion

Brandy is known for its golden brown color and amber glow, and it tastes as rich and expensive as it looks when you sip it. So what is the best brandy glass to drink from? 

A snifter is the best glass for good brandy or cognac. The bulb-like glassware is a unique distinct, looking glass with a long history. From Ancient Romans to more modern Rockerfellers, this glass allows the brandy to have enough room to breathe. Aromatics are released when the perfumes mingle in the glass. The smaller narrow opening helps concentrate all those aromas so you can enjoy every defining sip. 

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What Makes a Good Brandy Snifter or Cognac glass?

These specific spirits have been lifting the spirits of many drinkers for many years. Brandy and Cognacs are actually quite popular all over. Brandy is commonly distilled in an oak barrel. Furthermore, it is usually made from grapes or fruity wine. What makes a good snifter lies in its defining bowl-like shape. When held tightly, you can swirl the liquid inside to create a drinking experience like no other. Imagine yourself on a cold winter’s night in front of the fireplace, sipping on brandy in your favorite crystal glass? 

Make sure that your favorite brandy snifter has a big round large bowl. This larger cup radius and extra space allow specific notes, flavors, and aromas to become stronger and become complex. To fully appreciate a good brandy, a snifter is required to direct the scents to the correct parts of your nose, mouth, and overall palate.  

Don’t forget to think about what kind of glass you prefer for your drinking enjoyment. Durability is also essential. So snifters made of crystal and glass come at the top of the list. Most are resistant to cracks and chips and look really glamorous. Clarity of the material used can also affect the experience. 

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Prices vary depending on the brand and quality of the product. Some snifters have short or long stems, and some have none at all and can be balanced. Some snifters are lavishly designed, and some are quite simple. The trick is finding one that is right for you, and make sure you leave room to swirl when you pour!

The 5 Best Brandy Snifters

Here are the five best brandy snifters available:

Luxbe Brandy Snifter

The Luxbe Brandy Snifter soars to the top of the leaderboards due to its affordable price and modern design. It is made from beautiful crystal-clear glass and can be used for whiskey, brandy, cognac, and wines. It is designed with a tapered rim that allows the liquor to reach the front palate easily for full complexity. The low stem is a credit to its durability and has an excellent grip. Although the bowl itself runs a little shallow, the Luxbe Brandy Snifter is a great starter snifter for the new brandy connoisseur in your life. 

Libbey Signature Brandy Snifter

Even less expensive than the Luxbe, Libbey Signature Brandy Snifter is easy to handle, wash and care for. It is a great quality glass, and even the Kentucky Bourbon Trail uses them as their official tasting glass. They make their glasses with a unique ClearFire glass process which gives the glass its sparkle and resistance. They can be stacked and washed with less care than most glass snifters and undoubtedly have a distinct composition to provide the drinker with a luxurious experience for a reasonable price. 

Dragon Glassware Brandy Glass

A consumer’s best, the Dragon Glassware Brandy Glass is a double-walled snifter for bourbons, whiskeys, scotches, and brandy. It is one of a kind because of its dual insulated design, and the glass is ultimately freezer safe. The unique insulation keeps your drink cold and simultaneously allows the flavors in your brandy to come through. At closer to $30.00 a glass, it is a little on the pricier side of most snifters, but it makes up for it with capacity and quality.

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Neman Brandy Snifter

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, everyone can appreciate the Neman Brandy Snifter. The texture of this glass is dazzling to look at and unique in its shape. Even with the uniqueness of its design, this sifter is super effective at enhancing the brandy’s flavors and aromas. A little on the pricier side of things, but adds a touch of elegance to any bar or collection. The intense surface area of this glass allows you to swirl and sniff the alcohol. Brandy was once thought of and still is a prestige product and deserves equally classy glassware to accompany it. 

The Cicchetto2

The Cicchetto2 is a brandy snifter glass designed to enhance your favorite brandies' aromas and flavors. It has a wide bowl and a tapered stem that are both perfect for swirling your drink. The Cicchetto2 also comes with a beautiful stem to add a touch of elegance to your drinking experience. You can’t beat a brandy snifter at this unbelievable price either. Top-quality and affordable. Hands down this is the best glass on our list.

Add the Cicchetto 2 to your brand glass collection today. Shop Taste of Purple.


A good brandy has been said to be good for your body and soul. A good brandy glass brings that magic of the fermented fruit wine right to your lips in such a way that can’t be explained in mere words. You want to find a high-quality wine glass or stemware that is lightweight while remaining durable. 

A glass that allows that specific aeration to occur when you gently swirl its contents. Without the magic of aerating your brandy or wine, you can not open up all of its notes and its unique bouquet. 

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Best Overall Brandy Snifter

Take your brandy to another level with Taste of Purple Cicchetto2 brandy snifter. It features a narrower top that traps the aromas inside of the glass. At the same time, the bottom remains easy to hold! The Cicchetto2 is specifically designed to aerate while you sip your favorite brandy or cognac on a cold night.

Make sure your drinks taste like they are supposed to with top-quality glassware. Taste of Purple has everything you need. Shop now.

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