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How to Decorate Wine Glasses

Is there anything out there that’s genuinely better than wine? It’s such a smooth drink that enhances the quality of your outing, whether you’re by yourself or with others.

Most wine glasses come in similar shapes; the glass base is relatively large, while the cup is shaped like an open oval. There’s nothing wrong with having regular glasses at your event, but you could provide another option for your guests.

What if you gave them decorated wine glasses? It would create a brighter atmosphere for whatever you’re hosting. Also, you don’t have to pay anyone to decorate them for you. You can do it yourself.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it. We’ll break down different ways you can decorate wine glasses. Read on to learn more.

Use Permanent Markers

Take yourself back to your childhood by using permanent markers to decorate your wine glasses. It’s one of the simplest ways that you add some life to your events. Here are the steps.

Clean the Glass

You start by wiping the glasses down with rubbing alcohol. Doing this cleans the glasses and enables the marker to stick a lot easier.

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, you can use white vinegar as a substitute instead. Then dry with a paper towel.

Start Decorating

Start decorating your glass with the marker, but make sure that you don’t go all the way to the top of the glass. As you drink from it, your lips will remove the marker. So ensure you leave a slight bit of room.

Go crazy with your designs! Be as creative as you want to be. Also, make sure that you decorate the base and stem of the wine glass to enhance the look even more.

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Time to Dry

Once you finish decorating the glasses, you need to let them dry for about 72 hours. Place the glasses somewhere that no one will be able to knock them over accidentally.

You could also put them on a baking sheet for safekeeping and place them in a cold oven. Since you’ll be using your oven in the next step, it may be better to have them there to eliminate any risk of damaging the glasses.

Baking + Cooling Off

Finally, you bake the glasses at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour to cure the paint into the glasses. Try your best to keep the oven door closed so no heat escapes.

Once time is up, turn the oven off and let the glasses cool for about 2 hours. You can speed up the cooling process by cracking the oven door. Then, voila! You have new decorated wine glasses!

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Etch Designs Into Your Glasses

If you’re not that confident in your art skills, don’t worry. You can still decorate your wine glasses by using etched designs. Here’s how you do it.

Cover With Masking Tape

Cover areas of your glass, like the base and stem, with masking tape. It helps if you don’t want them to get covered with the design. 

Apply the Stencil/Stickers

Lay the stencil on any part of the glass where you want the design to be. Once you find the correct spot, make sure that you press the stencil down firmly on the glass. If not, the etching cream can spill over and leave the final design looking untidy.

There are three different ways to get stencils for your wine glasses:

  • You could buy them from a store 
  • Make your own by cutting out the design in adhesive vinyl
  • Use stickers instead of a stencil design

  • Are you having trouble with cloudy wine glasses? Learn how to clean them with these tips from Taste of Purple!

    Brush With Etching Cream

    Once your design is firmly on the glass, it’s time to start applying the etching cream. If you’re using a stencil design, brush over the cutouts with a paintbrush. However, if you’re using stickers, paint over the entire glass so the covered spots will be non-etched.

    Also, it’s important to note that etching cream can be harmful to your skin. So as you’re applying it to your wine glasses, wear gloves and goggles to avoid any damages.

    Dry, Rinse, Peel

    After you apply the etching cream, it’s time to sit back and wait. It typically takes about 5 - 10 minutes for the etching cream to dry. However, some may have longer drying times than others.

    Once the etching cream has dried, you should rinse off your glass to remove any excess cream. Afterward, ensure that you pat it completely dry with a paper towel. Then finally, you can remove your stencil and look at your lovely new design.

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    Decorate With Paint

    If you love the fine arts, you could also decorate your wine glasses using paint. The best type of paint to use enamel craft paint. It’s compatible with the glass material and makes images more straightforward once the final design has dried in.

    The steps for decorating your wine glasses with paint are the same as decorating with a permanent marker. However, after the last step, always remember to practice caution when removing the glasses from the oven. We don’t want anyone to get burned.

    Add Some Flavor To Your Wine Glasses

    Whether you want to design wine glasses yourself or buy different variations, it will significantly enhance your next event. You can use the tips above to create new designs. However, if you’re not sure what to do, you can always contact Taste of Purple.

    With our expertise in the wine industry, we’ll make sure that your wine glasses will have no problem turning heads when you host your next outing.

    Are you looking to enhance your dinner guests with some new wine glasses? Taste of Purple has a fine collection that will leave people in awe.

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