The 3 Best Whiskey Club Subscriptions

The 3 Best Whiskey Club Subscriptions

You think you like Whiskey. You head out to the bar or lounge with friends and you get an old fashioned one or a whiskey sour, and you are liking the flavor combinations.

Then, that one fateful evening you are at a friends house or an event, or just somewhere that happens to have that high-quality level of whiskey and you try it neat. You then realize that you have been going about Whiskey all wrong your whole life, and you have taken your first step into a world that you thought you knew something about.

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So you start focusing on the heritage of whiskies, and the numerous types. You realize that there are subtle differences between all the whiskey types, and start trying and tasting them, to sample which one fits your palette that brings that “WoW’’ feeling.

But now you need to go beyond what a typical bar or liquor store has to offer. Where can you continue this journey and explore new whiskies? Especially in these types where it isn’t always the easiest for one to travel around the world and experience it firsthand.

That's where the birth of some fantastic Whiskey Clubs have come to light. These clubs are a great way to provide a nice sampling and variation on your quest to find the perfect Whiskey for you. It helps bring the world of Whiskey to your front doorstep, where you can enjoy it by yourself or your other Whiskey aficionados.

The next question that comes up is which Whiskey Club to try out and sample? They all seem so similar or you don’t know if the value is there, or if you’re even getting decent Whiskey? No worries, we’ve done some of the legwork for you.



Caskers is a classic whiskey and liquor club that keeps it simple and straight to the point.


  • Every quarter they provide you with the trendiest and hottest top shelf Whiskies on the market. These are the whiskies that people are talking about, and the ones that are starting to emerge out as stars.
  • They offer tasting notes in a digital format, and they keep the rotation so varied, you’ll never get the same bottle twice.
  • Of course, if you find a bottle that you must have after sampling it, you can easily make that purchase directly from them (as long as they are available).
  • You can also focus on American only Whiskies, or travel the globe and try a mix from traditional makers of Scotch, or some amazing choices from Japan.
  • There are times when a rare bottle becomes available and anyone with a subscription to the club will have the opportunity to make a purchase on these limited deals and offerings. Shipping is also included with the club bottles.


  • Only two bottles per quarter
  • Cannot choose or decide – it is completely random what type of bottles you get
  • Highest price compared to the other options.


Mash & Grape

This club actually focuses on offering different spirits beyond Whiskey, so you can go on a truly global spirits journey. This can be a good option for those that might want to try Whiskey one month, and maybe another spirit for a different month. Their offering can be a bit more commercialized, and you will be hard-pressed to find some spirits that are unique or in small batches.


  • You can choose between six different spirit types.
  • They are available in more states than most other clubs.
  • Have the most lenient month to month membership since they ship monthly.
  • Free shipping for members as well.


  • They select the spirit randomly for you.
  • The only choice is one bottle per month (per club membership choice)
  • No prepayment option.
  • No VIP sales.
  • More commercialized focus, with some local distillers, but mainly about selling any liquor.



This Whiskey Club is built for the true whiskey lover at heart. They are specially curated to focus and offer the best selection of whiskies that are available on the market. They are meant to be the most exploratory of the bunch and for this we highly recommend them. If you’re interested in experiencing our best recommendation click here to get an exclusive sign up bonus.


  • Instead of just sending their own curation of one or two bottles in a consistent manner, they have you fill out and select some flavor profiles first and send you three tasting spirits every month, based on what flavor you’re looking for.
  • Each quarter they will also ship a complimentary exclusive top-shelf whiskey bottle that they do curate as part of your membership, which we are sure you will enjoy.
  • They work tirelessly to source the best small-batch whiskies available that will not be found in your local bar or liquor store offering that sense of exclusivity.
  • They also have a time and stock limited offering of some of the rarest and most delicious whiskies that still exist today, so always keep your eyes open for their next offering.
  • They have one of the best online whiskey communities on the planet and there are open discussions and forums to really connect with other whiskey lovers and to better understand the whiskey culture while you go forward on your journey.
  • Ability to order multiple tasting sets to set up a tasting party/event
  • Not only free shipping for club orders but monthly free shipping for other orders.


  • Bottle availability can vary on location (due to them working with local distilleries)
  • Based on availability some deliveries could take a bit longer (again due to working with these exclusive local distilleries
  • No prepayment option

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It’s all about the Whiskey

In the end, we always feel that the right whiskey can be found with a little bit of digging, and there’s always a new one around the corner that needs to be sampled and experienced. As you delve deeper in and start discovering Whiskey more and more, you can start considering building up a collection of whiskies that bring you pleasure as well as whiskies that could rise up in value.

The best way to be involved is to join one of these clubs and truly expand your knowledge about this world. The best choice for us is Flaviar simply due to it being the most extensive and unique offering around that we have seen. The community will also help you get on your feet and go from amateur whiskey taster to a veteran whiskey handler.

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