5 Best Wedding Gifts for Minimalists (They Will Love)

5 Best Wedding Gifts for Minimalists (They Will Love)

Do you have an upcoming wedding but aren’t quite sure what to get the adorable couple? Traditional wedding gifts that are always appreciated are a classic wine glass set or an artisan cutting board, but you’re in a pickle. Your couple is minimalist. They reject materialistic gifts, which makes finding a gift a little bit tougher.

Don’t worry. We’ve got a list of the best wedding gifts for minimalists that they will actually love. These wedding gifts won’t clutter their house or cupboards, and many centers on giving an experience they can share.

Best Wedding Gifts for Minimalists

Each of these gifts will create a memory or provide a service that your newly married couple will love:

1. Money

Cash is always an appreciated wedding gift. While it may lack creativity, it makes up for it with practicality. The couple can use that money to buy anything they didn’t get off their registry, or it can help pad their savings.

Most couples live together before marriage and don’t necessarily need housewares that are traditionally given at weddings. By giving cash, the couple can apply it to whatever they lack, making it very appreciated.

According to Wedding Wire, the average amount for wedding gift money is between $75-$200. And they recommend not giving less than $50, but the amount is really up to you. If you’re close to the couple, you may want to spend on the top end. When giving cash, you should place it in a card or pair it with stemware to toast the occasion.

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2. Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a unique gift that sends something to the couple all year long. Many come with products the couple will use or consume within the month, making it perfect for minimalists. These subscriptions don’t have to be tangible either. You can gift:

  • Try the World: Sends delectable edibles from a specific country each month. An excellent gift for your minimalists who love to travel.
  • MistoBox: Sends select Java brews for coffee-loving people.
  • RunnerBox: Sends snacks, energy bars, supplements, and gear for your fitness enthusiasts.
  • Blue Apron: Sends weekly original recipes and fresh ingredients for your couple who loves to cook but is always on the go.
  • DateBox: Sends stay-in date night kits like sushi making, coffee tasting, or at-home camping.

Have you purchased a wine subscription-like Winc or Vinebox? Add Taste of Purple’s best-selling Piccolo Glass Set to complete the gift.

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3. Concerts, Performances or Sporting Events

When buying a wedding gift for minimalists, it’s all about creating a memory for the new couple. An ideal gift is giving a fun date night at a concert, performance, or sporting event. This can also be a very personal gift if you give them tickets to a favorite band, play, or sports team.

This may take some pre-planning to give them tickets to something they will be able to attend. You don’t want to book an event while they are on their honeymoon—unless, of course, it is at their honeymoon destination. You’ll want to know where they will be living, if they are in town the week of the performance, and if the concert, performance, or game is something they would enjoy. If you book far enough in advance, this shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Activities

Like giving tickets to a performance, you could opt for a gift certificate for date night activities around the couple’s area. This will provide them with an experience they’ll remember but might not have planned for a date night. The gift card could be to:

  • A movie theater
  • Mini golf
  • Horseback riding
  • Ski passes
  • Jet ski rentals
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Wine tasting
  • Ice skating
  • Skydiving

The sky’s the limit on this one. Search your local area for great date night or day date activities, then pick one that you think the couple will enjoy. Pair the gift card with celebratory wine flutes and a bottle of wine.

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5. Downloadable Gifts

For the clutter-free couple, another great wedding gift idea is a downloadable gift. The possibilities for this are innumerable. You can learn more about their interests to make this more personable. Some of the best downloadable gifts include:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Scribd
  • Digital Storage
  • Software
  • Amazon Prime Membership
  • Streaming Service
  • Walmart+ Membership
  • MasterClass
  • Virtual Gym Membership
  • Rosetta Stone

Is there a download that you enjoy? Are the online services and apps that you love?

The couple may enjoy it too. The downloadable can be for entertainment, practicality, or even work-related. Before you buy, make sure to find out if they have the download already.

A Few More Gift Ideas that Minimalists Enjoy

Minimalists can be hard to shop for because they want to keep their “stuff” to a minimum, but there are lots of great gifts that you can give them that won’t clutter their house. Still, want to purchase something physical to give to them at the wedding? Here are a few of our favorite gifts that minimalists also love to get:

  • Water bottles: A high-quality, reusable water bottle like a Stanley, Yeti, or Hyrdo Flask is always a lovely gift.
  • Plants: If the couple has a green thumb, they may enjoy a plant for their living space.
  • Salt Lamps: These warm lights add just the right amount of ambient light.
  • Books: Books are always appreciated but avoid books about minimalism—they already know—but they may enjoy a modern coffee table read or the latest bestseller to take on their honeymoon.

Wedding Gifts for Minimalists Have You Thinking Outside the Gift Box

While it might not be the most traditional wedding gift, giving an experience, subscription, or money will always be appreciated. By finding out about what they enjoy doing together, you can choose a gift that won’t clutter or disappoint.

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