The South Fork of Long Island is a well-kept secret in the wine world. Home to substantially fewer wineries than the North, it receives very little press or attention. So we at Taste of Purple were pleasantly surprised to find the South Fork contains several lovely wineries – one of which being Channing Daughters.

An Uncommon Winery. At first glance, Channing Daughters seems like any other tasting room. With a simple layout and casual environment, it may appear ordinary to some. The minute we started our tasting it was clear this was far from the truth.

Everything about Channing Daughters was simple interesting. Our resident blogger was having a hard time keeping up as Anthony (who we have officially adopted into the Taste of Purple family) spouted interesting facts. He started by explaining the story of Channing Daughter’s beginnings to us.



An Artistic History. Walter Channing purchased the winery and decided to name it after his four girls (adorable). Walter was a true artist. He grew up learning from his carpenter father and the winery is dotted with wood carvings he created himself. In fact, when hurricane Gloria uprooted a large tree on the property, Walter saw it and saw art. Thus the Channing Daughter’s logo was created. Walter was about conservation – he wanted to create something that would ensure the land would stay undeveloped, and the winery was born.

Since Walter’s passing, the daughters have gone on to other adventures, and wine makers Chris and Alison Tracy have taken on a larger role.

An Inventive Future. The Tracy’s are truly visionaries. They plant their vineyard in the style of a “field blend” (multiple varietals in the same section) to promote cross pollination. They host in-depth wine classes to educate the area. They mirror their blends after regions in Northern Italy with comparable climate, and they have a variety of orange wines and vermouth tastings with fortifications all grown on the vineyard. They are testing the boundaries of a traditional tasting room in a variety of ways. And as they continue to grow, the future of Channing Daughters looks bright.

In addition to innovation, Channing Daughters produces some quality wines. Our team at Taste of Purple liked their 2013 L’Enfant Sauvage Chardonnay. Lots of peach and pear with a smooth finish. We highly recommend their Vermouth as well. In the words of the winemaker, it’s their way of paying homage to the land they work with.

Channing Daughters makes a trip to the South Fork a unique experience – we so enjoyed our time there and are excited to return.