The team at Taste of Purple are on a lifelong quest for the unique. The wine community is a constantly changing organism: always looking for new and innovative ways to enjoy their wine while holding on to the traditions that make the wine culture what it is. It can at times be difficult to strike a balance between the old and the new. We found a wonderful example of that balance at Lieb Cellars.


Jammin’ at Lieb. The North Fork Wine region is peppered with wineries all striving to stand out. Lieb Cellars, and their partner brand Bridge Lane Wine, are succeeding in doing so. Walking up to Lieb’s new tasting room location (they expanded in 2012), we instantly felt a sense of relaxation that is uncommon in the wine tasting world. The vibe was nothing short of chill (any winery that has Bob Marley drifting in the background is ok in our book) and the art and décor was modern yet comfortable.

Bottles, Boxes and Kegs, oh my! Our host, Dana, explained the aforementioned balance Lieb is striking. The traditional side, Lieb Cellars, has been around for quite some time. These wines are meant to be complex and are aged in oak. However, with a recent rebranding, a new branch was formed – Bridge Lane Wines. In Dana’s words these wines are “fruit forward, food friendly and at a lower price.” The Bridge Lane brand even comes in bottles, boxes and kegs, so you can enjoy your wine wherever you are. She further explained, the atmosphere at Lieb is one that inspires creativity and it attracts a staff that appreciates self-expression. Our team was crazy for the concept. (Seriously crazy. We left with more boxes than we are proud of.)

This concept is all well and good, but you have to have the quality product to back it up – and Lieb certainly does. As Dana poured us a Rose that had us salivating, she explained the growing box wine trend. It used to be wine in boxes were synonymous with poor quality, left over wine that no one wanted. Bridge Lane uses the same wine as their bottles in a more convenient package. A box holds four bottles of wine that stays fresh for up to a month after opening (yes please!) and can be kept handily in your fridge. Will this trend continue to grow? Maybe. As we’ve seen with wines on tap, and screw top bottles, the wine community is resistant to change. But in another ten years as it continues to evolve, anything is possible.


Taste of Purple’s takeaway. For now, we left Lieb happy and satisfied (and with several boxes of wine in our trunk!) We highly recommend a visit to this winery. Their Sparkling Rose is amazing. It’s a crowd favorite (they had to up production 40%) and it’s sure to satisfy your soul (get it? Because of the Bob Marley?) And in addition to their excellent wines, they are just a lot of fun. Our host Dana is one of their regular signers on their Friday and Saturday live music nights. They also recently just hosted their first annual Rose Crawl (Come on, A Rose Crawl! They’re really cool, we kinda just want to be friends with them


Many thanks to the wonderful people at Lieb Cellars for hosting our North Fork adventure!