Taste of Purple visits Lieb Cellars

Taste of Purple visits Lieb Cellars

The team at Taste of Purple are on a lifelong quest for the unique. The wine community is a constantly changing organism: always looking for new and innovative ways to enjoy their wine while holding on to the traditions that make the wine culture what it is. It can at times be difficult to strike a balance between the old and the new. We found a wonderful example of that balance at Lieb Cellars.


Jammin’ at Lieb. The North Fork Wine region is peppered with wineries all striving to stand out. Lieb Cellars, and their partner brand Bridge Lane Wine, are succeeding in doing so. Walking up to Lieb’s new tasting room location (they expanded in 2012), we instantly felt a sense of relaxation that is uncommon in the wine tasting world. The vibe was nothing short of chill (any winery that has Bob Marley drifting in the background is ok in our book) and the art and décor was modern yet comfortable.

Bottles, Boxes and Kegs, oh my! Our host, Dana, explained the aforementioned balance Lieb is striking. The traditional side, Lieb Cellars, has been around for quite some time. These wines are meant to be complex and are aged in oak. However, with a recent rebranding, a new branch was formed – Bridge Lane Wines. In Dana’s words these wines are “fruit forward, food friendly and at a lower price.” The Bridge Lane brand even comes in bottles, boxes and kegs, so you can enjoy your wine wherever you are. She further explained, the atmosphere at Lieb is one that inspires creativity and it attracts a staff that appreciates self-expression. Our team was crazy for the concept. (Seriously crazy. We left with more boxes than we are proud of.)

This concept is all well and good, but you have to have the quality product to back it up – and Lieb certainly does. As Dana poured us a Rose that had us salivating, she explained the growing box wine trend. It used to be wine in boxes were synonymous with poor quality, left over wine that no one wanted. Bridge Lane uses the same wine as their bottles in a more convenient package. A box holds four bottles of wine that stays fresh for up to a month after opening (yes please!) and can be kept handily in your fridge. Will this trend continue to grow? Maybe. As we’ve seen with wines on tap, and screw top bottles, the wine community is resistant to change. But in another ten years as it continues to evolve, anything is possible.

Taste of Purple’s takeaway. For now, we left Lieb happy and satisfied (and with several boxes of wine in our trunk!) We highly recommend a visit to this winery. Their Sparkling Rose is amazing. It’s a crowd favorite (they had to up production 40%) and it’s sure to satisfy your soul (get it? Because of the Bob Marley?) And in addition to their excellent wines, they are just a lot of fun. Our host Dana is one of their regular signers on their Friday and Saturday live music nights. They also recently just hosted their first annual Rose Crawl (Come on, A Rose Crawl! They’re really cool, we kinda just want to be friends with them

Many thanks to the wonderful people at Lieb Cellars for hosting our North Fork adventure! 

 A glass and bottle of Lieb Cellar sparkling rosé.

Many people across the globe adore an excellent glass of top-quality wine. It’s something humans have delighted in for several thousand years, after all! For some people, a profound appreciation of good wine comes with an inherent interest in how its made and a desire to see the process in action by visiting a renowned vineyard and winery. Thankfully, with more than 11,000 different wineries currently operating in the United States, there’s no shortage of fantastic wine getaways for people to choose from.

That said, how can anyone choose just one or two vineyards or wineries to visit when there are so many options? Our trusted team of wine-loving experts at Taste of Purple understands this struggle. We have dedicated ourselves to visiting and reviewing as many of the best-rated wineries across the country as possible! We intend to help you select the best destination for your next wine-based excursion.

In the article below, we’ll be covering the ins and outs of our trip to one of our favorite wineries yet; Lieb Cellars in North Fork, Long Island. We’ll talk about the key points of our experience, followed by a selection of our top reasons why we think you should make the trip for yourself if you ever have the chance.

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Our Visit to The Lieb Cellars

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Top Reasons to Visit Lieb Cellars

Now that we’ve taken the time to go over some of the finer points of our own visit to Lieb Cellars, we’d like to discuss two of what we believe to be the primary reasons why every wine-lover visiting the North Fork area should consider booking a reservation for themselves. 

In some of our other review articles, we mention critical factors like the gorgeous atmosphere, which makes many destinations an excellent place for weddings or other romantic events, and the spectacular company and conversation you’ll enjoy when you visit. However, for Lieb Cellars, we want to focus on the true crown jewels of their experience, their massive selection of delicious wines, and their exquisite wine tasting and event options.

The Wine Selection

While Lieb Cellars may not offer the largest selection of wines out of all the other wineries we’ve visited over the years, they proudly feature one of the most comprehensive! Their shop features a wide selection of everything from reds and whites to rosés and sparkling wines. When visiting their winery, you’ll have the opportunity to try several of their most delicious wines and buy a few (or several) bottles to take home once you’re done. Once you give their delectable selection a shot, you may even want to consider signing up for their specialized wine subscription or wine club

A subscription with Liab Cellars provides you with a monthly wine shipment of four discounted bottles that are mailed right to your doorstep, so you can always count on having one of your favorite wines on hand when at home. They offer two unique subscription services, one for whites and rosés and another for reds. Each comes with complimentary shipping and an additional 20% of all future website purchases. 

The Tastings

Lieb Cellars allows guests to book reservations for private tastings and other private events throughout the year. Non-wine club members can purchase admittance to private seasonal tastings for just $40 per person, while members are gifted a complimentary tasting once per year with up to seven guests. They also offer specialized seasonal tastings with chees pairings for $60 per person for non-members and $5 per person for members. Consider booking a reservation for a private tasting today to take advantage of the wonderful experiences they are happy to provide!

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Final Thoughts From Our Experts at Taste of Purple

Our team of dedicated wine specialists from Taste of Purple sincerely hopes that the above review guide has helped convince you to take a trip to Lieb Cellars the next time you’re planning a trip through the North Fork area in Long Island. We honestly can’t recommend the experience enough, and we highly encourage the trip for anyone with even the most remote interest in visiting a top-quality winery at any point in the future.

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