Taste of Purple visits Raphael Winery

Taste of Purple visits Raphael Winery

The team at Taste of Purple recently decided to go exploring the North Fork region of Long Island and were pleasantly surprised with what we found. Amidst sprawling farm land and roaming alpacas were some amazing wineries and even more amazing people. One such winery is Raphael.

If you visit Long Island, one thing will strike you: these people love their cedar. Everywhere you look, you see a sea of cedar. It’s on the houses, the buildings and even the wineries. So amongst all this uniformity, it was a refreshing surprise to pull up to Raphael Winery. You immediately feel as if you’ve stepped onto an Italian Villa. Lined by sprawling vineyards, lies a Tuscan style staccato building equipped with Spanish tile roof and ornate fountain. Once inside we found the it even more breathtaking than the outside. With wrought iron chandeliers and twinkle lights dangling from the ceiling it’s easy to see why this is a much sought after wedding locale.

La Famiglia. We were greeted by Diandra, granddaughter of the wine maker. As she poured us our wine and walked us through the vines, she told us the story of her family. Her grandfather first broke ground in 1997 and named the vineyard after his father, Raphael. Their logo is in fact Raphael’s signature (seriously how cute is this family?) As we went from vines to barrel room she charmed us with tales of their beginnings (such as her grandfather leaving wine bottles in her dad’s car, causing him to fail his driver’s test!).

The Winery. The family is much more than a cute story however. They are passionate about their wines and creating an educational experience for their consumers. Their 55 acres range from Merlot to Sauvignon Blanc to Pinot Noir. Most of their wines are aged in stainless steel to retain the flavor of the grape without the taste of the barrel. They produce 10,000 cases a year and hand harvest and hand cork themselves!

The team at Taste of Purple unanimously loved their 2015 Chardonnay. It’s aged in stainless so it’s very light and crisp, with definite notes of peach and pear. Excellent wine for a summer day.

The Parties! Raphael winery loves their events They close down on Fridays and Saturdays for wedding season (seriously guys it’s beautiful. Get married here. Just do it.) Weddings are not their only events however. This summer they are starting up their Thursday “Winetails” events, with extended hours and wine based cocktails (sign me up!) Their wine club is treated well with Barrel Room events, specific vintage releases, and even an opportunity to participate in the harvest. In the winter, they host their Wine Circuit, with stations of wine and food pairing throughout the winery. Taste of Purple’s takeaway. Departing this winery, we were left feeling a part of their family. The atmosphere is focused on education, and they certainly know their wines. But the core values are evident. The love for wine and family is clear. Taste of Purple could not be more in love with this team! If you happen to be on the North Fork, make sure and stop in!

The inside of the Raphael Winery with a gorgeous central bar area.

Most people like to think of Napa Valley as the Wine Country of America. However, there is a wide selection of fantastic vineyards and wineries located all over the United States for people to visit! According to 2021 data from Statista, more than 11,000 different wineries were operating throughout the country, an increase of over 50% since 2009. But with several thousands of wineries in operation, how can anyone possibly select just one or two to visit during a trip?

Our team of wine-loving experts at Taste of Purple understands this struggle intimately. As such, we have dedicated ourselves to helping everyone select the best possible wineries to visit at different points throughout the United States. In the article below, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of our trip to one of the best wineries currently operating out of North Fork, Long Island, the Raphael Winery. We’ll provide an overview of our journey, followed by an in-depth exploration of some of the key reasons you should consider making them your next trip destination.

Please continue to find out more and consider exploring a wide selection of other expertly written educational resources covering all things wine. We explore everything from the history of wine through different civilizations, the process of growing grapes, how to hold a glass of wine correctly, and even how to get red wine out of your favorite clothes!

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Our Visit to The Raphael Winery

for life-long community residents and out-of-towners alike.

 A drawn portrait of Raphael, the namesake of the Raphael Winery.

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Part of the wine vineyard at the Raphael Winery in North Fork, Long Island

The Radiant View

We could honestly talk about a lot of factors when it comes to what people most enjoy when they visit the Raphael Winery. Still, we want to take a moment to specifically discuss the gorgeous views the property provides, making it a fantastic destination for weddings and other romantic occasions. It’s also great for large, sophisticated get-togethers between family, friends, colleagues, and fellow wine lovers!

The several dozen-acre property features gorgeous historic stucco buildings and massive vineyard fields that span as far as the eye can see. It creates a scenic atmosphere that will make you believe you’ve stepped onto the shores of the Mediterranean rather than a secluded area on Long Island. 

The Wine and Exclusive Wine Clubs

Obviously, we wholeheartedly recommend the artisan wine that’s made, bottled, and corked at the Raphael Winery. But encase it needed to be stated directly, their wine is outstanding, and we’re proud to claim it as one of our favorites out of all those we’ve reviewed here at Taste of Purple. We highly recommend exploring their wine shop in person when you visit or at least browsing their massive selection of wines available from their online store if you’re unable to visit in person. If you take the time to visit and find out that you love their vast selection of top-quality wines as much as we do, consider signing up for a specialized Raphael Wine Club membership! 

Joining their wine club permits you two quarterly shipments of two, four, or six specially selected wines at a whopping 20% discount, alongside 20% off all future wine and gift shop purchases. Members are also provided with invitations to Monthly Club Tastings and exclusive access to club-only wines and library selections. Members can also receive a $25 gift card by referring a friend for membership.

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Taste of Purple’s Takeaway on The Raphael Winery

Our team of highly experienced wine aficionados at Taste of Purple have taken the time to travel to several fantastic wineries across the United States. Each one offers an incredible experience that all guests are sure to enjoy, whether they’re looking for good conversation, a fascinating story, or just a taste of some delicious artisan wines. Our trip to the Raphael Winery in North Fork, Long Island, was one of the best excursions we’ve taken yet, and we left with an array of excellent new memories that we’ll be happily reminiscing on for many years to come.

If you’re ever in the North Fork area looking for something to do with your time or are trying to select a top-quality winery to visit on your next trip through Long Island, we highly recommend making a reservation with the proprietors of the Raphael Winery. Not only will you enjoy a significant selection of some of our favorite wines, but you’ll also get to enjoy the exquisite company of some wonderful people with many fantastic stories to share. To book a time to visit, please take a moment to email them at tastingroom@raphaelwine.com or call them at 631-765-1100. Their current hours are listed as 12 PM - 5 PM on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and 12 PM - 6 PM on Saturdays.

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