Recently the team at Taste of Purple traveled to Long Island to investigate the wines of this region. Sparkling Point is the final vineyard in our series. And what better way to end this adventure than an all sparkling vineyard run by two wacky attorneys who love Carnivale as much as they love depositions!

Sparkling Pointe is the only all sparkling winery in NY. They stick to the traditional French method for all 47 acres of their vineyard and the end result is nothing short of fabulous.

The owners, Tom and Cynthia (who as a side note met at a debutante ball at the Waldorf! How much do you want to be best friends with these people) are native Long Islanders and wanted something to call their own. They founded the winery in 2004 and opened the tasting room in 2009. They also happen to love Brazilian culture (they dance in Carnivale every year. Once again, Tom and and Cynthia, please adopt me) and much Braziian influence can be clearly seen through the vineyard. In fact they host their own tribute to Carnivale every year at the vineyard. One more fact about this awesome couple (because clearly I can't get enough of them): they are the sole producers of "Almost Paris", a movie released in the TriBeCa Film Festival that features several of the staff of Sparkling Pointe.

Ok enough about the cool owners, let's talk wines! There was not a wine our team didn't enjoy at this winery. Several of their wines had a high tropical influence, with lots of citrus and maybe a touch of lychee. One of our team favorites was their 2011 Blanc to Blanc. But their 2013 Brut Rose with lots of notes of cherry and strawberry was also fabulous.

Go visit Sparkling Pointe. Hang out at their Carnivale. Join the Tom and Cynthia fan club I will inevitably start up!! Seriously, this winery is worth the trip! Happy sipping, enjoy the bubbles!