make your own red wine sorbet

Fun & Yum Red Wine Sorbet (No Churn Needed)

Are you looking for a simple, easy way to create a red wine sorbet? Yes, you can grab a container of fruit sorbet from the store, but it is more fun to make your dessert. Plus, many of these sorbets do not contain the right type of flavor that you want on a hot summer day. With this recipe, you can add your favorite red wine to make a one-of-kind dessert that will put a smile on anyone's face. 

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Why Is This Recipe Unique?

Unlike other wine sorbet recipes, this one does not require churning or thawing. You can quickly whip up this recipe in a few simple steps. With this recipe, you can satisfy both your boozy and sweet tooth at the same time. Red wine sorbet will fit the bill and only needs a few minutes of prep time. 

Red wine sorbet is the perfect dessert to serve to your friends. Plus, it can add a touch of classiness to your parties. Since this recipe focuses on simplicity without sacrificing elegance, you will have the perfect dessert for entertaining. 

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Is Sorbet Different from Sherbet?

Before we start his recipe, know the difference between sorbet and sherbet. Many people blur to get those desserts together. While they may sound familiar, these frozen treats are very different. Over the years, sorbet was not always known as a simple dessert. In the past, it was a palate cleanser used between courses, preventing flavors from mixing. By the 1600s, sorbet became better known as dessert. 

So what is sorbet? This frozen dessert is made with a fruit puree and a sweetener, such as sugar or honey. This treat's origins can be traced back to the Middle Eastern drink known as Chabert. Since sorbet doesn't contain dairy, it is considered a vegan treat (when it doesn't contain honey). Plus, sorbet contains less fat than a typical scoop of ice cream. 

You can make sorbet with many different flavors, including red wine. No matter the ingredients, they are frozen and churned together to create a smooth, uniform texture. However, this recipe does not require any churning. 

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Getting back to the difference between sorbet and sherbet: sherbet is another frozen dessert. It contains frozen fruit and dairy, often containing anywhere from 1% to 2% milk fat from the cream or milk. That percentage of milk fat will determine whether a dessert is more ice cream or not. Any product with less than 1% milk fat is labeled "water ice." Those products with 2% to 10% milk fat are marked as "frozen dairy." Finally, ice creams are labeled with milk fat over 10%. For that reason, you may notice that strawberry ice cream and sorbet contain similar ingredients but are different desserts. 

Now that you know the difference between sorbets and sherbets, you can properly call them by the correct name. After that brief educational background, you can move on to the red wine sorbet recipe.

 use your favorite red wine for this recipe

Making a Red Wine Sorbet

Have no fear if you are worried about finding the right ingredients for the dessert. You probably have all these items on hand. This recipe requires only four ingredients

  • 1 pint frozen strawberries 
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • juice of one lemon
  • ⅔ cup dry red wine

With this recipe, you will not need an ice cream maker. But you will need a blender or food processor. All you have to do is toss the ingredients into the machine and pulse away. After you get a smooth texture, pour it into a pan and place it in the freezer for about two hours (or more). 

Once the mixture is frozen, you will have a smooth, ice-cold sorbet that is fruity but has the kick of red wine. It is so simple to make this recipe; it will be your to-go for every party. 

In addition, this frozen sorbet easily scoops out of the freezer, so there is no reason to thaw. Scoop it into wine glasses to add more elegance to your presentation. After all, you are technically serving wine to your guests. 

Red Wine Sorbet Tips

If you cannot find the right red wine, consider a Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, or Malbec. You might also want to use a red wine blend. For those who want a sweeter wine, reduce the amount of sugar or cut it out completely. 

Don't add all of the wine at one time. Pour the wine into the food processor a little to prevent splatters. The last thing you want to do is clean up splashes of red wine in your kitchen. 

You might want to buy fresh strawberries and freeze them. Remember that pre-frozen strawberries will work as well. If you're going to freeze your own strawberries, remove the leafy tops and spread them out on a sheet pan. Freeze them for at least an hour to prevent them from sticking together. 

 add strawberries or other fruits to this recipe

It is fine to use other berries in these red wine sorbet recipes. However, remember that blackberries and raspberries may have too many seeds. But you can add any fruit that suits your tastes and personal preferences. 

Once again, you can serve this sorbet in any dish or glassware, including a wine tumbler

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With this red wine sorbet recipe, you will be the hit of the party. Make sure to use your favorite red wine for a simple but delicious treat. 

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