5 Unique Wine Glasses to Add to Your Collection

5 Unique Wine Glasses to Add to Your Collection

A part of the sophisticated experience of wine drinking is the glass. Sleek stemware or other eye-catching styles of wine glasses can (seemingly) add flavor and texture to your wine that you'll never get with a plastic cup! Here, we'll look at why fancy wine glasses make a difference, why their shape matters, and then we'll show you five unique wine glasses you'll want to add to your collection.    

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Do Fancy Wine Glasses Make Any Difference?

With wine being so exquisitely made, it's hard to believe that the glass you drink it from matters - but it does. 

Let's first talk about how you taste wine. The functions of your nose and tongue are what cause you to savor the taste of wine. When you tip the glass to your mouth, you first smell it. The human nose can detect up to 1 trillion odors, which is a considerable increase from the 10,000 scents of which science initially thought we were capable. 

So you tip the glass, and the scents of the wine fill your nose and trigger a response from your nose hair receptors. The smell is a precursor to what you taste. This is why your sense of taste is so impaired when you have a blocked nose due to a cold or flu. 

Why Shape Matters in Wine Glasses

Now you begin to pour the wine into your mouth where it encounters your tongue. Your tongue is divided into regions where you can taste sweet, sour, bitter, or salty.  The size and shape of wine glasses are designed to cause the wine to hit certain parts of your tongue first, enhancing the flavor. 

The large bowl portion of most wine glasses is designed to allow more of the wine's aromas to gather for you to smell. As the top of the glass tapers, it funnels and restricts the aromas for your nose. 

The larger bowl also makes it possible to swirl the wine. Swirling will enhance your scent experience, eliminate odors, and allow you to appreciate the viscosity of the wine. 

5 Unique Wine Glasses to Add to Your Collection

Now that you know why the wine glass matters, here are 5 best unique wine glasses to enhance your wine drinking experience. 

Diamond Wine Glasses by Dragon Glassware

These glasses have a uniquely elegant diamond design that allows your wine to aerate while it pours and swirls in the glass. These glasses will impress your guests with their high quality, crystal clear, sleek design.   

These wine glasses are super lightweight and surprisingly durable. They're easy to hold, and their geometric lines enhance your wine drinking experience. If you're looking for a sophisticated wine experience, consider these beautiful glasses.  

This is a set of two 8-ounce glasses for $24.99 


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Enjoy your wine the way it was meant to be enjoyed - with the best wine glasses and accessories. Check out Taste of Purple for more information. 

MyGift Modern Copper Stemless Wine Glasses

These hand-blown crystal stemless wine glasses have a unique copper base. The coloring is made outstanding by mixing it with metal, creating a bright foil complexion. A high-temperature heat treatment forms the color, and it can be preserved with hand washing and gentle treatment. 

They have a rich, smooth feel and are weighted perfectly. This is easily observed by this glass' perfect balance in the palm of your

 hand. You'll love how thick these crystal clear glasses are, as well as their intriguing shape. If you're looking for beautiful, Insta-ready glasses to celebrate and show off your best moments, try these.  

This is a set of four 8-ounce glasses for $35.99

PG Stainless Steel Stem Wine Glass

Here is a set of glasses that are truly unique among wine glasses. They're stainless steel with a satin mirror finish. These sleek stemmed glasses are made from 18/8 stainless steel and fit comfortably in your hands. Since they aren't glass, they are shatterproof and dishwasher safe. This means that in addition to being outstandingly beautiful, they're durable and safe. 

Your wine will maintain its chill longer in this modern take on the traditional wine glass. These are also available in a brushed finish, copper-coated (rose gold), and gold-tone.  

This is a set of four 18.5 ounce glasses for $39.99


Enesco Designs by Lolita 'Thankful Hand-Painted Artisan Wine Glass

Consider these hand-blown artisan glasses if you prefer a more traditionally shaped stemmed wine glass with a twist. They are available in a variety of unique, hand-painted designs. The designs are colorful, vibrant, and lively. The Lolita Brand line was created by artist Lolita who painted the first glass in 2001 after being served a Cosmopolitan in a bar. She thought the lovely drink deserved to be served in a brighter, more beautiful receptacle.

The unique designs range from sophisticated and elegant to fun and energetic. The artist watches current trends, colors, textures, and attitudes to ensure the glasses are always in high demand. In addition to their inspiring designs, each glass features a one-of-a-kind cocktail recipe under its base. 

Glasses are sold individually for a range of prices.


Libbey Hammered Base All-Purpose Stemless Wine Glasses

The hammered effect is organically designed and adds texture and dimension to your table and your wine. The chiseled grooves are also gripping points so that you can hold this glass comfortably and securely. These all-purpose glasses will hold your wine or any other beverage you choose

They're lead-free, durable, and dishwasher safe. Celebrate the next milestone or achievement in your life with a drink from these gorgeous stemless wine glasses.  

This is a set of eight 17.75-ounce glasses for $44.99


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Last Thoughts on Unique Wine Glasses

While our focus is always the wine, the glass also matters. It can enhance the entire experience, including the taste of your wine. As you add unique glasses to your collection, consider what your favorite wines are to drink, how often you'll use your glasses, and are you willing to care for delicate glasses, or do you prefer them to be dishwasher-safe.   

Do you love wine? Check out the gorgeous glassware and accessories at Taste of Purple today!

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